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closed | I've moved further than I thought I could

Who: Claire Fraser ([personal profile] nineteenfortyfive) & Peggy Carter ([personal profile] revlon)
What: Jamie and Claire are from different points in their timeline, and Claire wants Peggy's advice on giving him spoilers.
When: Some days after the new arrivals come down.
Where: A conveniently placed pub on the edges of the residential district.
Warning(s): Outlander spoilers for both seasons, mention of graphic situations...

[Claire should be happier, she thinks. She is happy--she has her husband, her love, and he's whole and in good health and good spirits. She can hear him laugh and have a conversation with him. She can kiss him until she can't breathe.

Except every time she does that, she feels incredibly guilty.

Jamie awoke, but missing years of memories. Years of experiences. Not simply memory loss, but this Jamie had never experienced it. The missing marks on his body told her the truth of it. There was so much he didn't know. Terrible things. Happy things, too--but it was the terrible ones that sat on Claire's heart.

Two options. Tell him, or don't. Frighten him, or lie. He told her once that there was room for secrets, but not lies, in their relationship. The lines blurred on this one.

When Peggy finds Claire, she'll be sitting in a corner booth, a bottle of something on the table between two glasses. Hers is circling the drain. Probably not her first refill.]

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