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Ysayle "Iceheart" Dangoulain ([personal profile] ysayle) wrote in [community profile] nysalogs2017-09-22 01:29 am

[Closed] New Arrivals In Town

Who: Ysayle Dangoulain ([personal profile] ysayle) & Lux Crownguard ([personal profile] protectthelight)
What: Moving In Day! It's time to meet the room-mate.
When: 13th September
Where: Residential District, House 65
Warning(s): None!

Ysayle has never seen housing quite like this.

She was born and raised in a hamlet that did well enough for itself before the snows blew in. Has seen the inner workings of the Brume, packed in and poorer than the fine residents belonging to the High Houses. She has seen barracks and forts, and has slept alongside her fellow harriers in miserable, weathered buildings and farm houses. But Olympia's residential district is something else entirely, claustrophobic and climbing on top of itself, seemingly stacked precariously in order to pack in as many places as it can. People pass between arches and walkways with little concern for the state of the buildings around them, simply accepting all as a natural part of life.

Finding her new residence takes longer than expected, thanks to the warren nature of the buildings hereabouts, with 65 proving to be one of the higher set residences, overlooking several others. It doesn't have the clearest view of the rest of the city but there's still plenty to see and a relatively clear sky. Though the place appears undisturbed, Ysayle knocks anyway, and after a wait, shoves one shoulder against the front door, pushing it open and peering inside.

Ten or so minutes of poking and prodding later, with a few stops to marvel at the refridgeration unit and the alternating temperature taps for water (would that such things were common place for all back home..! ..Not that there is a 'home' anymore..), she tuts under her tongue at the state of things. It's by no means the worst place she's ever stayed in, but it certainly could use some cleaning in here. And airing. Hence why the front door is left open and Ysayle is presently trying to force open one of the more finicky windows she's just spent some time wiping down. If she could-- only-- get it--!

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