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please, anyone ( closed. )

Who: zero ([personal profile] offtune) & archer ([personal profile] fakers)
What: how to be a master
When: some time after this mess
Where: house #61
Warning(s): weird drakengard and fate lore i guess; blood and mentions of violence

[ it's hard to miss the new insignia on the back of her hand. not like it itches, or looks weird, or calls for attention or anything, but it's still distracting as hell. zero finds herself staring at it often times, rubbing idly at it as though it's washable ink. it doesn't come off, but that doesn't stop her from scrubbing at it until her skin's raw when she bathes.

zero knows she should probably talk to archer about it. while that man's no where to be seen, she feels him everywhere. doesn't avoid him so much as she simply doesn't feel like seeing him yet, not entirely ready to face the reality of whatever the hell this marking means. and honestly, she doesn't know where to begin; tells herself that she didn't make a regrettable decision, but maybe, just maybe, it was a rash one. all for what, to save a guy she barely even knows?

despite this, she feels some inexplicable relief— with the ability to sensing his whereabouts, she knows that at least he's alive and (presumably) well.

there is a cost, archer told her. what he meant by that, she's yet to know, but on the second night of radio silence, she finally manages to contact him. a2 isn't home, which makes house 61 ideal for them to meet.

the door is unlocked for archer to open when he arrives— in fact, it's even slightly ajar. she'd told him as much over the phone. and as it turns out, it's a good thing that she did because of a minor accident. zero's seated on the kitchen counter, knife in her good hand. she's attempting to pull a shard of broken glass from the stub of her severed arm. he probably wouldn't need to ask; the story's right there in the scene: the remains of a cup is shattered across the tile, freshly destroyed from the way it still gleams under the light. she has scratches all up her arms from slipping, but it's not as bad as the glass that had plunged deep in her arm.

the prosthetic part has already been removed and dropped by her feet. with the sharp of the knife in the ideal position to nudge the piece out, she holds it place by clenching her teeth around the handle, then uses her now free hand to remove it. zero sighs in relief when it's gone, feeling instantly better. there are probably more on her person, but taking care of the biggest pain in the ass one was priority. lacking better items to clean the wound, she wraps it haphazardly with toilet paper. it seeps the blood almost immediately, but she continues to coil the arm in it anyway. her healing powers aren't as great as they used to be. ]

Glad you could make it. [ said almost too coolly for what she's doing (or have done), but she sets aside the knife and exhales before moving off the counter, dropping to the floor with a thump. before long, she's stepping toward the sofas, gesturing archer over.

no, she's not going to take care of the mess right now, don't even ask. but anyway, they both know why he's here, so she'll keep it short and sweet as she sits on the cushions: ]
Just give me the abridged version.
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[ since that night, archer had essentially gone into spirit form and remained that way, slowly regaining his power and allowing his body to reconstruct itself. though he was no longer in any danger of fading away, the damage to his body had been more deep-seated than he realized. every projection he had used, even before his battle with kirei, had put strain on his magic circuits. it was almost miraculous that no serious damage had happened before then, though he had become more cautious about using his magecraft over time.

it made sense that zero would want time to process what had happened. he was unquestionably indebted to her; whether it was kindness or something else, she had chosen to put herself at risk to save him. she had no idea what she was getting into, but she'd voluntarily formed a contract with him. there weren't many that would do the same... some, perhaps, for the power a Servant would grant, but she knew nothing about that. she had no ulterior motives.

a true, unselfish act of kindness.

he hadn't experienced many of those in his life, making each more prominent among his faded memories. a desperate man, tearing through the rubble in search of someone to help. a silent knight standing underneath a moonlit sky, saving him from certain death. a young magus, giving up her final trump card in order to rescue a boy she was better off leaving dead. though these were things he could never forget, he had lost sight of them at some point. now, the sight of a white haired girl gazing down at him, a complicated sorrow etched on her face had been burned into his memories as well.

If you were given another chance, would you take it?

even how she'd tried to save him had been somewhat bashful. that, more than anything else, made him believe this partnership could work. so when he reaches the house and finds the door ajar, he enters without hesitation. he can tell she waits within, and- ]
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[ okay, this isn't what he'd been expecting. he's not actually sure what he's seeing when he walks in. had she been attacked? though it seemed absurd, perhaps kirei... no, there was no way the priest could have known about what had happened. and if he was behind this, he likely wouldn't have left things half finished.

in fact, he hadn't sensed that zero was in any danger, so... ]

There will be time for that later. [ a sigh. once his alarm fades, it becomes all too apparent what's happened. he's not sure exactly how she had ended up in this state, but the shards of glass on the floor speak volumes. how she's chosen to treat herself just makes the spectacle even more grotesque, but what's most unsettling about all this is how she simply doesn't care. ]

Though I'm certain I already know the answer... don't you know how to properly treat a wound?

[ he's doesn't ask for permission before she walks into the kitchen, grabbing some paper towels... he assumes there must not be any bandages here, because why else would she be using toilet paper? anyways, he's still going to kneeling beside her to redo her... arm wrapping... if it can even be called that. it's not even tied tightly enough to truly quench the bleeding. ]

Before you get an mistaken impressions, my own life is tied to your well-being now. If you end up bleeding to death over something like this, I won't be far behind you.
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[ while there is much to be discussed, none of that seems particularly important at the moment. he notes zero's comment, filing it in the back of his head. he knew she wasn't entirely human, but if she normally had regenerative powers, that only confirms it further. he's admittedly curious to learn more about this person he's contracted to, including why she is the way she is, but right now simply making sure her injuries don't get worse is paramount. ]

What did you even do to end up like this anyway?

[ he spares a glance back at the kitchen, along with the shards of the glass cup. though he was first taken aback by her shoddy attempt at treating herself, she's never seemed the type to be so clumsy she'd hurt herself just performing a mundane task.

which means this is likely his own fault. it makes sense; to heal himself, he's had to draw more mana from her than he normally would. for someone unaccustomed to such a thing, that would undoubtedly be disorienting. as that realization settles in, his frustration fades a bit, instead replaced by growing concern. ]

Just hold still. This will likely sting. [ there are still small pieces of glass in her arm, which he sets about removing as painlessly as possible. it's clear she has a high tolerance for discomfort, but this could hardly be pleasant for anyone. he wipes away the blood as he removes each piece, doing what he can to staunch any bleeding. ]

Is this really the time for you to be concerned about me? [ he scoffs a little as he continues to treat her wounds, simply using the paper towels and water to at least make sure the cuts are cleaned properly. ] I'm fine. My wounds will still take some time to completely heal, but I'm in far better condition than I have been in quite some time.

It's your condition that's more worrying. [ and he doesn't simply mean the cuts. ] Our contract has weakened you.
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[ as he continues to treat her, it really only serves to raise more questions. though his own body's reaction to injury is hardly normal, her's still manages to surprise him. while her body may not be healing itself automatically as she pointed out before, it's certainly doing something to try and cope with the wounds. the magic at work unsettles him slightly, though he's not sure why. ]

How else should I react to something like this?

[ there's a tinge of annoyance in his voice, but it's borne more of concern than anything else. what that annoyance is aimed at is uncertain, though its mostly himself. he'd been so wrapped up in his own recovery that he hadn't truly realized how badly that could be affecting her; she always seemed more than capable of taking care of herself.

once the final shard is removed, he looks at his handiwork with an appraising eye. really, all he'd needed to do was pull the pieces free, and whatever regenerative power she had seemed to take care of the rest. he'd dressed the wounds anyway, just to be safe, though part of him recognizes doing so probably wasn't actually necessary. ]

Fair enough. I've recovered enough that I should be able to deal the rest of my injuries on my own, without relying too much on your power. [ it's not like he can completely stop mana from flowing through the connection between them, but he can at least make sure he doesn't draw anything unnecessary. he tightens the last makeshift bandage he's crafted, before finally deciding he's satisfied.

which means he should probably turn his attention to cleaning up the rest of the mess she created. he gets back up, moving to sweep up all the glass now adorning her kitchen tile. ]

That said, it's probably necessary that you learn more about exactly what's happened. [ he'd told her only the bare minimum before, and even that had hardly given her any understanding of just what kind of being he was. ] As I told you before, I am a Servant. In my world, that meant a spirit summoned forth by the Holy Grail to do battle with others as part of a magical ritual.

Seven Servants, each bearing a different class. Mine was Archer. [ he pauses for a moment, recognizing that essentially admits it isn't his true name, before deciding that hardly matters. ] Each Servant in turn had a Master, the one who called them back into the world. Each pair fought to be the last, chasing the foolish promise that the Grail would grant whoever emerged victorious a wish. A Master supplies their Servant with power and commands them; in turn the Servant fights to see their Master's wish fulfilled.

[ he'd truly never had his own wish, so he could never really relate to what the other Servants sought. ]

Obviously, none of that applies here. But I still awoke from my pod a Servant, only with no Master to draw power from. Needless to say, I have no desire for the Grail anymore either, nor anyone to fight over it with. I have no idea why I remain in this form, but that isn't important. Whether it was fate or merely coincidence, you are my Master now.
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[ though his immediate reaction to her question is denial, he actually pauses to consider it for a second. while she has magical energy in no short supply, zero is not a proper magus. without training, she can't control or guide the flow of mana between them. the only more efficient way of transferring mana would be... ugh, no, the less he remembers about their first meeting the better. ]

There are ways, but nothing worth discussing. After some rest, you should be fine.

[ the more he uses his magic, the more he'll be forced to draw upon her. he's admittedly been a bit reckless about it before now, but he's learned from that mistake. it isn't just his own life he's risking now; that changes everything. ]

Both. I never had a wish for the Grail, and the Grail itself is... [ not awake? ] ...not here. I fought in the Grail War for another purpose, but even that turned out to be a fool's errand.

[ that last part isn't entirely untrue, but it bothers him all the same. he actually noticeably rustles a bit at that, turning away from his garbage cleaning task. ]

I won't deny that's true. Were you to perish, I would be able to continue to exist if I found another Master in time. [ sigh. ] But I have no desire to do that. If you die before I do, that simply means I'll have failed as a Servant. I'm rather tired of failing.

Those symbols on your hand. [ he'd of course noticed them that night, and again when he was checking her wounds. now seems as good a time to explain as any. ] They aren't simply for decoration. They symbolize the connection between us, and are the basis of your power. [ over him, at least. ] Three command seals. Each grants you the power to issue one absolute order to your Servant, transcending even their normal limits. If you are in ever danger, all you need to do is use one to call upon me and I will appear.
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I don't intend to put myself in mortal danger any time soon, so it shouldn't matter.

[ at least he means that quite seriously. being reckless had gotten him into this mess, and, more importantly, gotten other people involved. there remains a sting of remorse that he's pulled this girl into something she would have been better off having nothing to do with; but he'd accepted her off all the same, so there's no sense in regretting it now.

he watches her reattach her other arm, perhaps admiring the craftsmanship of it a bit. it's clearly seen a good deal of use, but remains operating well enough. it could probably use some fine tuning, but... no, that's getting a bit ahead of himself. you can't just tinker with someone else's arm. ]

The bond between us would remain, but you would no longer have the power to issue an absolute order. Between a Master and Servant... normally that would mean their roles would reverse. [ in almost all cases, a Servant is more powerful than their Master. the command spells are the only thing really giving a Master an advantage over the other. ]

Though since I entered into this contract willingly, that hardly matters. [ he's not planning on betraying her, at any rate. he has no reason to. ] We aren't working together towards any particular goal other than survival, so I have nothing to gain by turning against you.

[ ...he lets that linger for a moment, before deciding this has been a bit too one-sided. understandably so, since his information is more pertinent than hers, but... ] Along those lines, you know what I am now, but I still know little about you. [ his gaze lingers for a moment on the flower in her eye, though he doesn't directly say anything about it. ] You have magical power in no short supply, but... there's something strange about it.
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Should I regret it? [ though as he continues picking up tiny glass shards off the ground, part of him wonders... no, he doesn't regret it yet. he knew she was a difficult person even before he had agreed to this contract, but he'd agreed to it all the same. perhaps because, on some level, he felt she was someone he could understand. ] I don't doubt you're capable, but that's beside the point. Worrying about you and worrying about myself is essentially one in the same now.

[ it's a little strange. normally during a Grail War, a Servant's priority would be protecting their Master. they're more vulnerable... essentially serving as a Servant's greatest weakness. that isn't the case here though. zero's current weakness aside, he can tell from her physical condition that she's known her share of battle.

otherwise, he simply listens to her story in silence. contrary to her expectations, he finds nothing about it particularly unbelievable. he's seen his share of unusual things... no, more than that, his very existence is just as tenuous as hers. ]

So you were given life again for cursing the world. [ it's not particularly funny, but he can't help but find it slightly amusing. ] Maybe we're more similar than I realized.

[ of course, his own story was quite different... but over time he'd come to feel much the same way. the only reason he'd become a Servant was much the same as hers; not a hatred for the world, but simply hatred for himself. hatred for everything that had led him down the path he'd walked. ]

It was obvious enough there was something strange about that flower, but I wouldn't have imagined it was that significant. [ so that's what powers him now as well? and yet at the same time, it makes him uneasy. if it had really responded to her cursing the world, that said much about it.

perhaps it really wasn't all that different from the Grail. that would explain why the flower could sustain him as well. ]

If a Disciple is truly like a Servant, then their function should be to protect you, no? [ ...something about that smile tells him he's wrong, but after her baiting, he can't very well avoid the question. ]
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I was prepared to accept death when you found me. That's no different now.

[ that isn't quite true through; dying pointlessly is no longer acceptable to him. he was saved, and the price for that is continuing to struggle to live. there is no other way to repay that debt; as a child, he had felt much the same way to kiritsugu. to repay the man who had been so happy he had survived, he had to continue to cling to life.

though her expression had been more complicated than kiritsugu's unadulterated joy, the image of zero saving him is quite firm in his mind now as well. and that's why dying in order to protect her was a different matter altogether; whether it was obligation or something else, he had a debt that now needed to be repaid. he was never the type to take such things lightly. ]

"Drive"? [ from the way she says it, he immediately gets an inkling what she might mean. no, it's not simply from her tone; he'd felt even in that simulation that there was something more to her desperation for physical contact.

when she grabs his hand he almost pulls it away immediately, but instead just lets her make her point. and then quickly regrets not pulling his hand free when he had the chance. once she begins trying to lead his hand further down, he merely pulls his hand back, not letting himself get caught up in her pace again. he knew she was like this, so he isn't entirely surprised... but still lets out a slight, exhausted sigh. ]

You've made your point rather clear. [ he tilts his head to the side,a way from her hand. he's pretty sure she's just trying to annoy him at this point... the cheek stroking gesture seems more provocation than anything else. ]

I won't deny there exist Masters that use their Servants for such things as well. [ he'll simply place the palm of his own hand on her forehead, pushing it back lightly. ] Things usually don't end well for either.
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[ unfortunately, self-sacrifice had always been the defining trait of shirou emiya. though seeing it through his own eyes had made it appear rather laughable, part of archer also understood the ideal that drove the boy he had once been. sadly, his entire life had been defined by discarding his own happiness for the sake of others; while he was free of that obligation in this place, some habits die hard.

being willing to throw your own life away for others is twisted, of that he had no doubt, but... if there was any word that could describe him, it would probably be just that. ]

Good. If this relationship is going to be mutually beneficial, it's best we understand each others' limits.

[ although she's clearly guarded with her emotions, he can tell she's frustrated: either through her body language or faintly through the connection between them. if intoners require disciples to deal with their sex drives, it's obvious enough that there's more to it than just lust. what an inconvenient existence.

though can he truly say he's much better, leeching energy from others in order to survive?

while there remain more than a few questions, likely for both of them, he's fine with leaving it at this for now. she understands what she needs to - the basics at least - and as long as he's keeping an eye on her, he can ensure nothing goes too horribly wrong. though... when he hears that piece of glass crunch under her foot, he grimaces.

no, it's not that straightforward after all. though she may be capable of taking care of herself in some ways, it's obvious she's quite lacking in others. ]

Though there's one last issue to address. Proximity between Master and Servant will ease the burden on both of us. [ that's not entirely true, but for the purpose of making his point, he's more than willing to bend the truth a bit. ] It appears one other person occupies this place already, but that shouldn't be a problem for me. [ he doesn't really need a room... or a bedroom... or anything really. he can spend most of his time just resting in spirit form on the roof, keeping watch (not that there's really anything that needs to be watched for at the moment). ]

I'll relocate here in order to make things simpler.
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[ at his core, archer is the kind of man willing to always choose the path to save the most amount of people, even if that means sacrificing himself and those he cares about. he's never seen that as an admirable thing; if anything, part of him has always loathed that about himself.

it's something he's thought about in recent times... especially after hearing from kirei that there had lived a version of himself who chose a different path. who chose to turn against the entire world in order to protect a single person. hearing that had filled him with mixed emotions: embarrassment that shirou emiya could be so foolish, yet pride that the young man could have walked a "better" path.

if he had to turn against his Master for the sake of all the others living in this place, he could. but would he? no, he doesn't even know the answer to that question right now. ]

I wouldn't have quite phrased it like that, but... yes.

[ "live with her"... in his mind it was more "watch over her," but that's essentially just semantics. ]

Though it's hardly my forte, I am not unskilled at domestic tasks. [ as he's already made... abundantly obvious. ]

Other girl? [ a pause. he'd been a bit preoccupied on his way here, but now that he thinks about it... ] Ah, that's right. I've been here once before. [ actually, this works to kill two birds with one stone. he was a bit worried about that one's ability to look after herself as well... ] I imagine this arrangement will be fine with her as well.
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[ though part of him questions if this is really a good idea, it's not like he can change his mind now. for better or worse they are connected now, and it isn't as if he's particularly bound to his current domicile. realizing a2 lives here as well just reinforces the idea; though part of him has to wonder just how the two of them get along as housemates... ]

Not inside, but I guided your housemate to this place when she first arrived on the surface.

[ that said, he has never thought the house would turn out significant to him in any other way. it's strange how things turn out. ]

I assisted her inside one of those simulations. [ though perhaps it would be more accurate to say she helped him, even if it really should have been the other way around.

he falters slightly at how bluntly she says that; though he'd thought he was used to her attitude by now, perhaps he'll never be completely accustomed to it. ]
The couch is fine with me. In truth, I don't even need that.

[ he'd go back to get his things but... he actually doesn't have any things? no, that's not true, he probably has his uniform for work, but other than that he's pretty much a bum. ]
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[ in a2's case, their bonding had been about an experience archer is far more ready and willing to take part in: violence. that probably speaks volumes about what is truly wrong with his mind, but it holds true all the same. even if the circumstances had been fake, a2 was still someone archer had chosen to trust his back to.

that's more than he could say for many people here... though for whatever reason, that number had come to include his present company.

he cringes slightly at her question, if only because he knows she doesn't mean it seriously. at the very least, in light of everything else they'd said, it'd make little sense. there's a definite cheekiness to the offer that makes clear she's just trying to get under his skin.

which is essentially why it works. ]

I'll have to pass this time. You really aren't my type.

[ and with that said he'll do his own goofy vanishing thing so he can go back and get... the one or two possessions he's left behind in old, faithful house 5. ]
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shamelessly reuses log

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[ it's been a few days since their initial conversation, and archer's resulting move. as he said, he's been a fairly unassuming presence in the new house; the fact that he can magically make himself scarce whenever necessary certainly helps with that. a2 had no complaints about his move either; in truth, the two had a rather strange camaraderie born of both being rather reticent individuals.

zero on the other hand... archer really had no expectations of how she would behave in this world, but her lack of motivation to really do anything at all still managed to surprise him. he never pictured her as the type to go out and get a job or anything like that, but still. ]


[ after a few days, she's likely gotten used to their connection enough to be able to tell when he's coming near. which is both convenient and inconvenient at times, if only because he can't really get the drop on her. in this case, it doesn't matter either way: he's simply decided that allowing her to sit around doing nothing day after day was unacceptable. ]

We're going out. There's a place in the city I believe is worth investigating.
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[ part of his insistence is born of concern: he has no idea how active she was before, so seeing her languish just makes him assume that its because of her reduced power. at the same time, his injuries are healed, and he's made sure to draw as little power from her as possible... he's certainly a burden, but it can't be that bad, can it?

to make up for it, he has essentially been cooking for her, cleaning after her, and working to support the household. that should probably be enough to make up for whatever mana he's siphoning from her, so he doesn't feel too guilty. at the same time, making sure she maintains at least some semblance of activity is important to; he'll be in trouble if her physical condition deteriorates. ]

I did.

[ hasn't she just been sleeping all day anyway? ugh, he reaches down to literally grab her arms and pull her up off the couch, already frustrated by her laziness. he may technically be her Servant, but that doesn't stop him from taking charge when he truly deems it necessary. ]

Aren't you at all curious about this place? Learning more about this world will benefit you. [ and in turn, him. win-win. ] At the very least, I've found something that requires your attention.

[ okay that part is 100% a lie, but anything to actually get her out of this house. ]
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[ that likely wouldn't surprise him too much; if anything, that seems more in line with what he would have expected her to be like. granted, there isn't quite as much opportunity to behave like that within the city limits, for better or for worse. though he's less enthusiastic about murder than she might be, he nonetheless has felt his own skills dulling over time... which is unfortunate.

that's not particularly relevant at the moment though. while part of him does wonder how good zero is in a fight, he's not about to throw her into danger just to find that out. ]

It's not particularly a secret, but I don't think telling you would do much good either.

[ he's already started leading the way, occasionally slowing his pace a bit to check back on her.

it doesn't take too long to arrive at their eventual destination: the wyvernest. it had come to mind mostly because of her mention of dragons before, even if he hadn't really been able to make heads or tails of her references to "dragon shit." if nothing else, their had been noticeable emotion in her voice when she spoke of dragons..

this place owed him a favor as well, from when he'd helped them months ago with chuuya (continuity!). so now seemed as good a time as any to cash in, if only to see if this would make him understand his Master any better. ]

I've been here once before, but that was more for business than recreation. I'm not entirely sure what the point of it is.
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[ in truth, part of him had wondered what her reaction this place would even be. indignance over how foolish it was? zero hardly seemed the type to be into cute things. though he'd never properly been a patron of the place, he knew full well what kind of clientele it catered to. those easily impressed by gaudy visuals, or those simply enamored with cute baby dragons.

other than occasionally returning her to check up on the one he'd rescued, the place had no real appeal to him. ]

Hm... so even you can't say no to things like this.

[ admittedly, he's actually somewhat glad to discover that she actually is interested in this sort of thing. though it isn't as if their association has been very long, it's been difficult to truly get a read on her. while he's seen passed the brusque manner with which she usually acts, it's still hard to say what else can manage to pierce that mask. it's not as if he can nearly get himself killed every day... or at the very least, that would be pretty stupid.

the people at the reception desk seem to recognize him, and simply wave him on through. they're perhaps a bit surprised that someone else is actually with him today, but wisely won't question it. ]

They call them dragons, but I'm not sure creatures that small can really be called such a thing. [ he glances around, trying to spot the one he knows, before quickly doing so. a small red "dragon," which actually scurries over to the both of them once it recognizes archer. ]

This one managed to get himself lost a while back. It doesn't seem like he's gotten any smarter. [ that said, with a sigh archer kneels down, taking some meat he'd had tucked away in his belongings to feed it. ]
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The only thing...?

[ that part gets his attention, if only because it had been so casually slipped into her protests. an odd weakness, though he already knows the nature of her very existence is unusual. he can feel that just from being in her proximity.

though... perhaps that means bringing her to a place with dragons is a bad idea? ]

They're certainly a bit defenseless, but I don't know if I'd call them pathetic.

[ okay he actually does sort of agree; he knows just how pathetic these things can be. all the same, it's hard to deny their appeal... zero doesn't seem too perturbed being in the presence of her mortal enemies. the dragon seems all too happy about being pet, quickly forgetting archer and instead going straight to zero, letting out a rather shrill cry of approval. ]

Traitor... [ even his offering of meat isn't sufficient anymore, apparently. ]
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[ he recognizes that she's decided to drop the point, though it still intrigues him. that's something to remember, though now really isn't the time to press the issue. death always seems to be lurking somewhere on her mind; a fact that perturbs him if only because he knows that frame of mind. ]

I did get the impression it had rather self-destructive impulses before. This just confirms that.

[ if it's drawn to her, anyway. though as archer watches them interact, it's obvious enough that she does have a soft spot for things like this. her earlier hesitation was slightly, but still noticeable.

when archer tries to get its attention once more, the dragon just glances at him, snapping its jaws once before turning its attention back to zero. ]

Perhaps I should have just let it wander off.