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shot through the heart... (closed)

Who: Stannis Baratheon ([personal profile] bruxisms) & Loras Tyrell ([personal profile] triplerose)
What: A former king runs into the boyfriend of the brother he may or may not have killed but because of different universes/timelines confusion might abound.
Where: Some bookstore in the market in Olympia
Warning(s): aside from usual ASOIAF/GOT things, nothing I can think of.

[ since he had been a lad, Stannis Baratheon had enjoyed reading. tales of adventure did not particularly interest him, but he had always been attracted to the histories that the maesters had recorded. he had thought it important to understand the history of one's realm, so as to not repeat the same mistakes (though some might argue that in the end, he had). perhaps, it was also because it was the only activity that he had seemed able to best his elder brother in.

still, regardless of the reason, his enjoyment of such works is precisely why he finds himself in a modest "bookstore", carefully attempting to sift through the usual tales of adventure and intrigue for more practical histories.

unfortunately, his search is proving downright futile. he grinds his teeth from side to side as he turns towards the nearest man to him. ]

You. Do you know if this merchant only peddles lies, or if he has something of more quality?
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[ To say that Loras is an academic sort would be ... Not entirely truthful. He'd never had time for books or education beyond the necessary histories of his house and the important others. Knighthood suited him much better.

But he thought perhaps his sister might enjoy something. She'd say he doesn't owe her, they're family, but he wants to get her something. A token of thanks for all she's done. It's by chance that he ends up at the book seller.

Oh - [ He realizes, in a moment after, that the man is speaking to him. ] I'm afraid I can't say.
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[ Loras never really did spend much time in the presence of Stannis. He thinks on, now and then, when Stannis and Renly had met that one last time, but truthfully his mind only seems to recall Renly and little else.

Given all the time that's passed, tehere's scarcely a memory to pull up to think this is a Baratheon. And Loras, in his flippancy, has forgotten many things over the years.

It would seem unlikely, though not unreasonable.
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[ The question visibly startles the younger man. There seem to be many Westerosi here, and while most of them had been friends or uncaring about the events surrounding the Iron Throne, Loras is wary. Is this man also friend, or was he foe?

He eyes the man a little more cautiously. Yes, he thinks. Yes, he knows this man. A tournament, perhaps?

I am.

[ A sinking feeling starts to come over him. A pang of recognition and a spark of anger, and Loras forces himself to stand a little taller to try to be a ghost of what he once was. ] I am Loras Tyrell.
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It has been some years since we last looked upon one another.

[ The morning before that fateful night. It makes Loras bristle, not only because of the grudge he holds, but because of the state he's in. The last of his pride is heavily bruised by this encounter. ]

What do I care of the Greyjoys?
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I am no ser.

[ This, though, this is news. Those he's spoken to are from his Westeros, and the thought there might be another ... Well. Hardly a stretch, considering the variety of worlds he's encountered.

A Westeros, perhaps, where he may have brothers and be scarcely a boy.

I am under no obligation to speak to you of my home. It would seem you have others more eager to tell.
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[ The words make him flinch. His jaw sets and he feels a pang of shame. He'd been proud of his own knighthood, too, and regardless of how things may be now, he'd been weak. He can't justifiably wear the title when he'd caved so easily. ]

I have one true king.

[ And Loras had betrayed him, too, at the very end. His oaths, knightly and otherwise, had all been broken. Stannis had been the beginning of the end. To Loras, it scarcely matters if he's of a different Westeros. ]

I was to be Lord of Highgarden, yes.
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Robert was no proper heir to a throne.

[ It seems it should be said. Besides, had things gone to plan, they'd have gone into battle, and Loras is certain that Stannis would fall. That would legitimize Renly's claim.

But that isn't the question. Loras eyes Stannis. Different world or not, he is still Stannis, and if one is willing to murder his brother then the other must have considered it.

There is no doubt. He and the aid of his red priestess.
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I am not glad, no.

[ Loras can't discuss it quite as easily as Stannis seems to be able to. Years had passed yet he can remember it so clearly, and a guilt weighs heavily on his shoulders. Not that he'd have been able to save Renly. That much was certain.

Now is not the time to mourn missed goodbyes and entertain actions that could have passed.
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[ -- Wait. Loras is silent for a moment and then he's turning, and it might be the first time he's ever properly looked at the middle Baratheon. There's no denying the wisp of hope in his eyes. ]

You saw him?

[ Loras had looked. He'd been up and down the rows of pods, never successful. He doesn't doubt Stannis' honesty in the moment. Stannis Baratheon is many things but certainly not a liar. Not to Loras' knowledge. ]
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Did he look well?

[ He must have. No one looked bad, so well taken care of in their slumber. Even Loras, who had suffered the marking of The Faith had emerged as good as ever. But hearing it might ease some of his troubled mind.

Though new troubles come quickly. Would Renly be of his Westeros, or of Stannis'? And if he's of the same as his brother, would it change anything for them? He's loathe to ask, because there's no love lost between the Baratheon brothers (mostly), but he doesn't know when he and Stannis may ever freely speak to one another again.

What was he like? The Renly from your Westeros.