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I'm A Thousand Miles Away

Who: Slaine Troyard ([personal profile] terrantrash) & Angel ([personal profile] r3f4c70r3d)
What: Slaine pays his pod princess a visit. Much to his displeasure, he's not alone.
When: A few days after the intro event.
Where: Stasis Unit
Warning(s): Just Slaine being obsessive...and windex

[It would only be a matter of time before Slaine would find himself back on the station and squirreled away in the stasis unit. Despite having been met with smiles and kind words from strangers and doing his best to acclimatize to the start of his new life, he'd been waiting with baited breath for the first opportunity he could grasp to make it back to her.

It didn't take him long to find her pod among the rest, hanging from the ceiling, her face backlit from the glow of blue liquid she's been submerged in. The glass shielding her face was cool to the touch the first time he'd been here. It's the same this time, only he's decided to be proactive and bring a cloth, along with what amounts to a spray bottle of glass cleaner with him. As far as he can tell he's got the whole place to himself, or if he doesn't whatever company he might have is being respectfully silent as he cleans the glass of Asseylum's pod. Her expression is a peaceful one, one that twists and tugs on his heart, simultaneously making him want to vomit. If only her eyes would just open, then the two of them could start a new life together, putting both Mars and Earth into the past.

Her eyes would open. They had promised him as much. He had to believe and put his hope in their words that someday he'd see her smile at him again.

That day just wouldn't be today.]

Princess Asseylum...

[His voice is barely above a whisper as he lets his hand drop from the glass, fingers curling in the fabric of the cloth, twisting it as his other hand joins its pair. He wants to talk to her so badly, to hear her voice again...anything. All he does hear, unfortunately for him, is his own voice, threatening to crack.]

...When you wake up I hope you can forgive me.
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[ In a lot of ways, at least pertaining to this situation, Angel and Slaine are very alike. She too was itching to come back to the station after first arriving planet-side, and has come back almost every day since, sometimes (most times) even sleeping in one of the provided beds, all to keep an eye on one person still in cryosleep.
Similarities end there though, her reasoning involves self preservation not this bizarre and delicate care Slaine is enacting on the pod of the sleeping girl in front of him. ]

Excuse me but that isn't necessary, I believe the pods are self-cleaning.
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Sorry, I didn't mean to offend.

[ Just inform. But if this person already knows about how the pods work (or as much as any of them know) then the reasons he's here cleaning them must have more to do with sentimentality than practicality.

Angel eyes him, then the cleaning supplies in his hand, and finally the sleeping girl underneath the glass. ]

She must be special to you.
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[ Not one for conversation huh? It's okay she's bad at it too, at least when it comes to talking in person, and being herself, and general small talk.

Uh. ]

Then I hope she wakes up soon. Did you only awaken recently?