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Who: J. Jaqobis ([personal profile] stabilis) & S. Black ([personal profile] doggo)
What: it's a meet cute
When: 22 September
Where: a pub somewhere in Olympia
Warning(s): none for now!

The thing about living in a world where you've got to blend in, is: Sirius has already done it.

It was easier, maybe, fitting in with muggles. Not that it began as easy. The Blacks kept to the wizarding world, stepped out into the muggle world only when they needed to. Side-along Apparition, the floo network, broomstick--there was once, when Sirius was small, couldn't have been more than seven, and he had vanishing sickness for nearly three months, laid about in bed with his right kneecap soft and then gone and soft again in turns. By this time he'd been just getting over it, mostly solid all the time, and they were to go to Diagon Alley. His mother would have Apparated him anyways, but Uncle Alphard had been round that day and had said no, he'd take Sirius, they'd walk to the Leaky Cauldron, and everyone was in a rush (though Sirius can't, now, remember why, what had been so important that they'd all been going to Diagon Alley) that Walburga Black had said yes all right, and that was how Sirius Black had come to be walking in the sunshine of muggle London, held tightly by the hand but still allowed to look. And what he'd seen, he had not forgotten, like his own world but tinted like a mad dream. He had never seen so much muggle stuff at once.

All that feels like hundreds of years ago, one empty life, one ruined planet. That, at least, is becoming firmer in Sirius' mind. It helps to have James here now, to ground him in the unreality of having been rescued from the end of the world. James is impossible, so if he's here, stands to reason that the rest of it can go on being impossible, and Sirius can begin to fit himself around that.

As far as blending in goes, he fits better than some, now that he's got the proper clothes for it. The backdated fashions fit together nicely with his long hair and his beard. One more advantage to wizarding style, that. Leaned over the bar, with a mug of beer, Sirius surveys the length of the rest of the bar, taking in the other patrons. It's sort of a game, trying to pick out who belongs and who doesn't. They all have to be good of course, that's their deal--but, like wizards, some are better at it than others.

There's a fellow a little ways away from Sirius, separated only by the empty length of space between them. He's also here to drink, and Sirius looks back to his beer, its pale colour.

"Only halfway decent, isn't it." But he's clearly not complaining, because he takes a sip a second later. "Better than nothing. With all due respects to the house."
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He used to spend most of his time drinking with Dutch. Johnny still spends plenty of time drinking with her, of course — he just spends a lot more time drinking on his own, too, which objectively sounds like the start of a sincere drinking problem. If he were doing anything more than slowly nursing a beer he'd be a little more concerned, but it isn't like he's getting plastered every night. Just sitting alone at bars that aren't Shades Darker, because that's where Dutch usually is, and thinking. So not an alcoholic, maybe, but definitely some kind of bar-oriented stereotype.

He isn't paying much attention to his peripheral when the man to his left speaks up. It only takes him one short second to get more with it, glancing over before he follows the cue and looks at the pale beer in his hand.

"Depends on how you'd rate nothing. 'Dirty water' might be in the negatives." Which is more like genuine complaining, though he's still drinking it, and his tone's too casual to be harsh. Now that he's looking at the guy, there's a vague sense of familiarity — the one you get when you've seen someone once or twice, in passing, across a room. Or across a hallway in a space station. It's too vague to take any big risks on, though.

"But I might be biased. The bar in my hometown set a pretty high...," a short pause, then a mildly bemused, "... bar. No pun intended."
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"Stiff competition, small town." Just the one. In a place as poor as Westerley there isn't much of an economy, so not totally unlike most wizarding villages. He looks thoughtful at the question, absently rolling his half-empty glass along its rim.

"Far enough. You know, we used literal dirty water there — algae brew. I guess that makes this an upgrade." Pot, kettle. He probably shouldn't be criticizing anyone else's recipes. "We didn't have a lot of fields."

Past tense. He's guessing it's the same for this guy's hometown, and the comment's offered more as confirmation than fishing. "Yours?"