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lost and confused

Who: Newt Scamander ([personal profile] creaturecase) & Tina Goldstein ([personal profile] goldsteins)
What: He's on a new planet and he's still very confused because why do all these strangers seem to know him?
When: 14th (ish) September
Where: Olympia (he's lost but he won't admit it)
Warning(s): None.

He's been here some time now, and has yet to see a familiar face. One in particular, really — he knows she's here somewhere.

But that hasn't stopped a handful of people talking to him as though they've known him for a while. If Newt hadn't experienced a Memory Charm before, he might have been a little more concerned, but it seems clear now that he's simply been here before and forgotten about it. Unless there's something a little more sinister at play?

Still, he doesn't see much point in labouring the fact, and he's simply accepted that for a while, people he doesn't recognise are going to recognise him. It's a little uncomfortable, but if they had already been friendly, then it surely wouldn't be that bad?

But even still, as he wanders down another street that looks nearly identical to the previous one, Newt finds himself wishing he'd see someone he knows, if only to break the feeling that this is all simply a dream.
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In the smallest of ways Tina Goldstein had found something of a place on Nysa. She remains largely to herself and avoids the tiny quarters she's supposed to be living in with two men, but she's found a way to busy herself with some kind of work. It's been enough to keep her busy and given her thoughts linger on sadder places she's glad for it.

She hadn't been lying when she had told a certain man she was on patrol. And if she'd been busy throughout the day and eventually helped more people on the station, then it was merely a coincidence (read: it was far from a coincidence). Tina wouldn't say she was meaning to avoid him, no-- But she was busy. That was all it was.

So when she notes a blue peacock coat that is far too familiar she stiffens. It's absolutely stupid to be upset, but she can't help it. She's not mad at him, but the situation. And she doesn't want to trust that he will stay around this time, not after the last, so she's guarded when she finally sets her shoulders.

He looks lost and there's another pang of something when she approached. Breath coming out in a puff of a sound as she calls out, "Mr. Scamander."
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Miss Goldstein. There's a noticeable distancing there, but she only has herself to blame on that one. Despite herself she takes the man in, looking for any noticeable differences. She'd told Poe physically he seemed fine, but she can't be entirely sure.

Her fingers dig deeper into the pockets of her coat as she turns her eyes from his form to his face. It's a maddening feeling knowing that there were friendships and moments he suddenly lost. She's half the mind to go onto the station and demand answers from the Natha, but doubts they'll give them.

"I see you haven't been arrested yet," She answers in kind, keeping her eyes trained on him, "Have you found where you're staying yet?"